SPIDER MOUTH is the first of the EDMONTON POLICE STATION thrillers that begins the series of dark investigation into the gruesome world of North London.

MURDERSON was the 2nd in the EDMONTON POLICE STATION thrillers, which continues the Murder Squad’s journey into the darkness, always desperate to find the light.

LAST ALIVE is the 3rd in the series, and introduces a few new characters, some of who will be in the 4th book.

THE AMOUNT OF EVIL is the 4th book in the series, where new SIO, DCI Jairus takes over and leads his team on a hunt for two crazed killers hell bent on revenge. But Jairus’ own demons threaten to tear his world apart.

WHEN THE DEVIL CALLS is the 5th book in the Edmonton Police station series, and involves Jairus tracking a cross-dressing serial killer copycating a case from the distant past. As the case becomes even more horrific, Jairus finds fateful events during his last investigation rearing their ugly head. Will he survive this case?

THE FIRSTCOMER is the sixth book in the EDMONTON SERIES and centres on an investigation into a serial killer that seems to take over his victims’ lives before he ultimately kills them. This is one of the most explosive books in the series.

HOLMWOOD is the seventh book in the series, and is quite a departure from the rest; it is not only a crime thriller but also a drama and concentrates not only on the police but the families of the victims too.

THEY CALL EVIL GOODis the eighth book in Edmonton Police Station series, which links back to HOLMWOOD and all the other books  in the series. I wanted this book to be the most shocking and perhaps realistic of all the EDMONTON series. 


FIRELAND is the first book in the SEAN FAINT series, introducing the spy operative and assassin who investigates MARCUS FIER, a billionaire with a vendetta against the British government.

THE FAINT OUTLINE is the second book in the SEAN FAINT series, which is set a few years after FIRELAND, and finds FAINT locked up in an African prison for his part in a coup. He escapes to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him.

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  1. The books are fabulous and get down to the gritty of things! His descriptive narratives are wonderful! I think Mark is a fabulous writer! Hard to put down! I’m on my last book, I hope he comes out with a new one soon!

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