DCI JAIRUS is only ever known by his surname, because he tells everyone he’s never liked his first name, and never uses it even when he’s working. Some call him Jay, a shortening of Jairus.
Little is known of his background, except that his father had criminal dealings which caused him to go on the run, taking a young Jairus with him. His mother died when he very young, but he hardly ever talks about her.
He was born in Enfield, but moved around a bit with his father and lived in the East End for a while.
People who work with him say that he’s clever, but volatile, and unpredictable. He’s found himself walking close to the edge in the past after his girlfriend, Karine, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He lives with guilt because he argued with her that day and stormed out, leaving her to die alone.
On one particular night, he went to meet a murder suspect, but after an altercation the suspect, Carl Murphy, died of a stab wound. After an investigation, Jairus was found to have acted in self-defence and went back to work after being treated for post traumatic stress syndrome.
His first case after returning to work was featured in THE AMOUNT OF EVIL, which described the investigation into the torture and beheadings of several prominent businessmen, a case that seemed to echo his own pain and self conflict. It again led to him being investigated, but this time by Scotland Yard.
Jairus has truly been to hell and back and carries the scars to prove it, although they are hidden well from those who know him. He keeps them with his guilt, and his self-loathing. He thinks that if he can keep on doing his job, saving lives, in whatever way he can, then his sins might be forgiven. He believes he’s doing the right thing, even if it means bending the rules, and breaking the law.
To Jairus, the law isn’t everything- the truth and vengeance are the only things that matter.
Jairus has returned in his first solo novel: JAIRUS’ SACRIFICE