Reader reviews

“Great crime thriller, a book to sink into and enjoy with dark twists and turns as the author leads the reader down a dark path…It’s a great tale full of darkness and the kind of pulse racing suspense that makes Mark Yarwood’s books so addictive…unputdownable!”

“I know it’s a cliché but this really is a page turner and I found myself finishing the whole thing in two days. It pretty much has all the ingredients of a perfect crime thriller, tension, suspense, intrigue, plot twists and double-crossing left right and center.”

Product description

Jairus isn’t a policeman anymore and it’s killing him. His whole world has collapsed after being investigated for murder, twice. Cleared, but off the force, he spends his days drinking and trying to fathom what went wrong.
Then he gets offered a deal from the devil. Douglas Burdock, son of a much despised media baron, asks Jairus to look into the closed brutal murder of a journalist, suspecting a cover-up. If Jairus solves the case, then Burdock will use his father’s influence to get him back on the force.
But nothing’s that simple.
Jairus’ investigation leads him into a dark and sinister world of secrets and a mysterious organisation determined to stop him. But it’s when the case leads him towards more murders and back into his own dark history that things really start to get horrific, and push Jairus towards making the ultimate sacrifice.



“As always, couldn’t put it down! Certainly kept me guessing and fearing for Jairus. Good ending too, didn’t leave me “in the air.” Excellent read!”

”A really good read that takes you back into Jairus’s mindset. So many twists in the plot that will keep you drawn in, and guessing til the last few pages. Another great read from Mark.”

On a cold winter’s morning, DCI Jairus finds himself in a forgotten house with only the dead for company. Two pensioners have been brutally slaughtered in a ritualistic manner, which seems to link back to a cold case.
Now sober and back on the force, Jairus finds himself facing a cold case from five years earlier that everybody thought was closed. After the massacre of a wealthy family, Rebecca Barclay-Cole was arrested and sent to prison for the murders; now she’s out, exonerated, and DCI Jairus must solve the mystery and find out who really murdered her family and the two latest victims.
But with only two prime suspects, Rebecca and her stone-cold businessman brother, Joshua, Jairus finds himself sparring with the most dangerous family he’s ever met. And he must do all this while a sinister organisation tries once more to bring him down.