Okay, yes, this is another blogger pouring out his thoughts, but why not? I’ve spent most of my time recently pouring my thoughts, the really twisted and messed up ones, into my books. I’ve made my characters do stupid, heroic and purely mental things, pretending I was God. Can you believe it? But that’s what writers do. We can’t be Gods, so we push fictional characters around a page and pretend. It’s nice for the two hours of the day (or more if I’m feeling inspired) that I’ve spent writing, but it soon stops and I go off and do my other job, or just drink tea and have a hobnob or go and see my girlfriend, who seems to understand my need to sit in a room on my own and hammer away at my keyboard…honest, I really mean my keyboard…nothing else.
So, anyway, this is my first blog, and it comes at a time when I’m just about to launch my book- Murderson. It’s a thriller, involving a serial killer. yes, a serial killer, but this story is, I think a little different. It’s all about a young man who was saved from becoming a serial killer, and the question of whether somebody can actually be cured of such a mental state. There will be other books to follow, such as Spider Mouth and The Trick of Levitation. More about those in the next few blogs.

Hopefully, Murderson will be available on Amazon Kindle from next week, with a cover by a very talented designer called Tony Glass.

Thanks, and I hope you read more as I struggle to get more of my novels out there!

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