Life is getting much busier now, what with getting ready to move in with my girlfriend, which I am very excited about, and trying to edit Spider Mouth. I’ve recently been finding old books I’ve written while sorting out the debris of my life. It’s funny reading work that was written so long ago; for one thing, I’m able to separate myself from it, to tell the difference between the woods and the trees. I’m glad to say the writing isn’t too bad, but with a lot of heavy duty polishing it will be better.

I may even edit and rewrite an old crime thriller I wrote a few years back titled: Book Nine. Of course, it’ll need a new title, but that’s the least of my worries. Much of the book needs reworking.

I was thinking the other day how only a little while ago I was concerned about the growing ebook industry. I even commented and defended the paper back, half afraid that people might stop buying actual print books in favour of the electronic book. It’s a ridiculous notion, obviously, but look at where I stand now. I’m running open armed towards the ebooks’ golden future. And I’m thankful that I’ve been given the chance to reach an audience. And maybe other struggling writers might just be able to stop struggling quite as much. Let’s hope so.

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