Has Amazon Kindle stopped their big sale yet? I hope so. All this extra marketing is killing me! It’ll all be worth in the end. Murderson’s sales have dropped off, but now it’s being sold on iBooks and Diesel books, so hopefully that’ll raise the book’s profile.

There’s been a lot discussed on ebook blogs at the moment about marketing, and the right way to go about it. Is there a right way? We ebook writers are now in uncharted waters; we are the explorers of a new world, where every step we take could lead to great wealth or falling off a cliff. How long can you survive by shouting, ‘buy my book! Buy my book!’ ? Probably not very long. It seems that joining the online communities is the ebook writer’s best bet, to join in discussions, mentioning all the
books they like. But don’t forget that all important signature.

They, whoever they are, suggest that word of mouth advertising is the best type of marketing, but is that something you can ever control. With the Internet and social networking so high these days, you’d think it would be easy to spread the word about your ‘product’, but it’s quite tough. Of course it is, right up until you make that break through. I hear stories of ebook writers that are selling in excess of 100k a month. These sort of figures tantalise the rest of us, but, as I heard some comment on a blog the other day, shouldn’t we be concentrating on our writing, trying to make it better?

Write that book well, and they will come. Won’t they?

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