With Murderson now being sold on Amazon Kindle, I can now relax a little, even though I have spent most of this evening uploading the same book to Smashwords.com. It seems like another good site, with the ability to distribute books to other e-reader formats and retailers, such as Barnes and Nobles in the good old USA. Hopefully, if I don’t start to earn a bit of money out of this project, It’ll serve to highlight my writing.

As this post is titled, I’m off to London tomorrow, which is something I do every few months. You see, I am a Londoner, although I’m now comfortable in the South West. This visit will be different, very different. I’m taking my girlfriend and we’re off to visit a few people, including my folks! It’s all very nerve racking stuff, but what the hell. Maybe I’ll get a ‘meet the parents’ type novel out of it.

Talking of new novels, what am I going to write next? It’s either a action, Bourne, type story, another twisted thriller or a short story set shortly after the Normandy landings at the end of the Second World War. I’ll have to make up my mind soon.

That’s it for me. I’ll keep on blogging while in London.








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