It’s the second month of my Kindle experience, and what have I got to show for it? A million in the bank? An enormous fan following? Yes…er…no. My Mother likes my books! But I have got so much out of this whole experience so far. Number one? When i tell people I’m a writer, and they ask me the inevitable question if I’ve been published, I can say yes. I am once again earning money as a writer. That makes me smile. Positive statement. Say it out loud: I’m a writer!

Number Two: I’m meeting, communicating with other writers in the same boat. Yes, there are a lot of people in this boat, and most of us are wearing life jackets, but it’s nice to get advice, feed back and support. Let’s face it, writing is a lonely business, and ‘normal’ people don’t understand. We maybe under the impression that everyone wants to write a book, but the truth is that they really, really don’t. For one thing, “it’s too much like hard work”. Yes it is. Thank goodness it is, otherwise we’d be swamped.

Number Three: I feel there’s purpose in my writing again, that I’m writing for someone, an audience. That audience might be very small, but they’re out there. Hello mum, hello girlfriend. I know people out there will stumble upon my book, will give it a read and hopefully like it. I’m not lost in a thorny wood anymore (saw some Shakespeare on Saturday night). It makes me want to write better books than I have already. It’s inspired me. Not that I need inspiring, as I can’t stop writing. I already have quite a substantial back catalogue of work. Lots of editing to do!

Number four: Hope. I now have hope. Or more hope. People will read my books, I will get some fans and I will earn money doing what I love. How many people can say that? If you’re another Kindle, ebook writer, rejoice, for you can say it too.

Murderson still available from Amazon.

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