Following on from my interview with Simon Dunn about his Kindle experiences, I now find my self being interviewed by Kelvin O’Ralph for his blog sit: Kelvin’s World. Makes a nice change being asked about my books. Suddenly you have to think of something interesting to say. I will be interviewing Kelvin myself shortly and putting the results up on here. Anyone else want to interview me or be interviewed?

Well, Spider Mouth is live at the moment, and hopefully I’ve ironed out the problems I’ve had with it. if not, feel free to point out any errors. I’ve been working on Murderson too, adjusting some stuff, and hopefully improving it. I’ve just printed up a historical thriller that I’m planning to take to London, so my Girlfriend’s brother can read it and edit it. He’s apparently very good at that sort of thing. It’s a 557 page novel, so he’s got his work cut out.

Next up with will be Welcome To Killville, USA. Really, it is coming, honest.

I keep harping on about the James Bond novels at the moment, just because it’s really bugged me that the titles are so weak and unimaginative! Devil My Care?! Even Devil May Kill would have been better. Carte Blanche?!! Actually, having said all that, I’m having trouble naming my new book. I did have one title, but got rid of that for reasons that I can’t really go into. It’s Matt’s fault, just in case he reads this. I keep trying to come up with new titles and failing! It’s difficult coming up with great titles. Maybe I should wait until it’s done.

So, has Kindle taken over the world yet? No, why not? Come on people, support your local indie writer. We can win this battle.

Okay, that’s all for now. Back to the writing. Nearly 60 pages in and it’s going okay so far.

And don’t forget my interview on Kelvin’s blog: Kelvin’s World. Please share and Tweet.

Bye for now.

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