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It’s happened at last, I’ve got my third book onto Amazon Kindle, something that seems to have taken so long so far. It’s worth the wait though, and with a bright, gritty cover by Tony Glass, it’s live and ready to sell. Someone told me that the more books you get up on Kindle, the more they sell. Your exposure grows and therefore people find your books easier. So, far, and I know I only have three books up on Kindle, I have found this not to be true. With the second book, Spider Mouth, I have found that sales of it have been slow and very few. Murderson, on the other hand continues to sell okay. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that I have Welcome To Killville, USA up on Amazon.

The book itself is far removed from my other novels, in the respect that it is first person and set in America. It’s a crime novel, but it’s not detective based and follows the journey of a anti- hero called Matt Sichman.

This is the blurb:

Matt Sichman wakes up in a hotel room in New York with a bag full of money that shouldn’t belong to him. After being thrown out of his hotel for some dark misdeeds, he heads to Killville, a crazily hot town where more people have died in ‘accidental shootings’ than anywhere else in America. Sichman wants to make more money- he has to make more money, to make up for his past sins.

Along the way, as he cons and charms his way around, he tells the story of what happened to him in New York, about the woman he met there- the woman that destroyed him for good.

The charming hero of the story begins a journey to a crazy town with greed in his heart, searching for forgiveness and the arms of that one unobtainable woman, but soon things begin to warp when people begin dying all around him.

Welcome To Killville, USA is a modern noir novel written in the style of the pulp writers of the 50s and 60s. Told in a laid back, conversational voice, it charts the journey of Matt Sichman as he travels into the nightmare world of Killville, intertwined with flashbacks to his twisted life in New York City with the mysterious HER.

This book is a dark, sometimes humorous, and disturbed, roller coaster ride that asks the question is hell a place or state of mind?

I wrote this book quite sometime ago, and have edited and rewritten it plenty, before I thought it ready to go on sale. It was a very experimental book at the time, but I’ve always been drawn back to it. It was a friend, who read the book a while back, that suggested I should upload it as they felt it was unique and interesting. At their suggestion, I read it for the first time in a long time and saw that it wasn’t bad at all. When I put finger to keyboard originally, I was intending to write an ode to Jim Thompson, one of my favourite pulp noir authors. There’s even a tribute to him at the start of the book. It’ll be interesting to see what any Jim Thompson fans make of it.

So, now what after all the hard work? My next job is to continue to putting together a collection of short stories, some of which I’m writing at the moment, and others that I wrote a while back, like In The MInds Of The Dying. I’m not sure how many stories will be in the collection, but hopefully about five or six.

Well, thanks for reading and please leave any comments you would like to, and remember Welcome To Killville, USA, is available now!

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