She thrust open the door, lurched forward, feeling the cold mud beneath her feet, the horizon rocking as she ran. Her chest pounded out a beat, a scream hovering in her throat, tears burning her cheeks and blurring her vision. Her legs fell away, slid behind, her hands shot out, sinking into the black mud as she fell to her knees. Where? Where are they?

She twisted her head round, gasped out a breath as she looked towards the open back door of the house. There was blackness inside the doorway- just shadows. She felt her heart again, racing, booming so loud. Quiet. Must be quiet. Oh God, please.

The darkness moved. The figure stepped out of the doorway, his eyes barely visible through the mask, the shotgun still in his hands. He took another step, then another, coming so slowly towards her. She scrambled to her feet, slipping as she sprinted towards the trees, seeing the dawn hiding beyond the hillside.

Please let me live! Please. Oh, please forgive me.

She looked back again. No. He was close, the gun lifted in his hands, pointing at her. She spun round and ran, feeling the scream pouring out of her mouth, vibrating her throat. She slipped and fell to her knees once more. Her tears poured down her cheeks, her hands shaking, lifting to pray to some higher force.

Please forgive me!


The masked man lifted the gun gently, so slow, and aimed. He took a deep breath as he saw his prey scramble and try and get away. He smiled as he found the trigger. Moving target, he whispered to himself, and took another deep breath. Now she would die. Now she would understand.

Watching her head turn, tears streaming down her white face, he squeezed the trigger.

The gun bucked in his hands, filling him full of power, sending the blood pounding through his head.

Blood burst from the back of her head and she slumped forward, her face sinking into the thick mud. He nodded, turned round and walked back to where his brother was still at work. He smiled as he stepped inside the house, knowing they were doing good work.

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