The 4th book in the EDMONTON POLICE STATION THRILLER series is coming soon!


Influential businessmen are being slaughtered across London; each victim is given a local anaesthetic before witnessing his own body being cut to pieces. The decapitated head is then stuck on a pole as warning that revenge is being reaped. But revenge for what? And who will be next?

DCI Jairus is put in charge of the case; a resourceful detective, living with guilt after killing a suspect in self-defence. He soon discovers the murders are being committed by a sadistic psychopath and a delusional and violent ex-con, but Jairus himself hides a dark secret in his lock-up, something no one can learn the truth about.

The troubled DCI finds himself drawn into a world of satanic rituals, secret societies and deadly revenge. And as Jairus investigates, his gut tells him that someone else is orchestrating the murders.

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