There is nothing like throwing yourself back into your writing; it backs up your reserves of ‘I’m a writer’, just in case you start to doubt yourself. And believe me, there is no more of a crucial time, when self doubt is most powerful, than when the bars go brown. You Indie writers know what I mean. Will I ever sell another book, you ask yourselves. Yes, you will.

The self promotion thing is tough too- a continous fight to find new, startling ways to say ‘read my book’ without getting in people’s faces or getting reading groups telling you that ‘we don’t allow self promotion here’. You can imagine if that happened to mainstream writers when they turned up to book shops to promote their work?
Basically I’ve been sending out covers, product descriptions and all that stuff to every blog I can find.
Now I’m putting together a small collection of short stories, some old, some new, which I’m going to give away free on Amazon. It’s given me an excuse to write a couple of new short stories, one of which is pretty dark, but hopefully in a humorous way. I’m also including a short story, In The Minds Of The Day, which I Scribbled a
long while back, but am still fond of. Hopefully the readers will enjoy my stories. Enough to buy my books? Hmmmm….
I’m still working on Welcome To Killville, USA, but it shouldn’t be long. I’m also rewriting another thriller, as well writing my new book. Idle hands and all that. Any really cheap editors out there?

Anyway, so long til next time.


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