to set the stories in the police station-I also don’t believe in having a ‘super’ cop as the main character. In real life they are just not that clever. Sorry, but they aren’t. I’ve known Police officers, in particular one ex- detective inspector and he left the police force because they were taking average police officers and making them head major criminal investigations, even though they had little knowledge of what they were doing. In my books I’ve kept that in mind, and make it so that the team members solve the crime- or at least come close to it. Let’s remember, the police are not super intelligent. Most of the time they watch the Forensic team collect the evidence and listen to what they say happened. Let’s face it, crimes do go unsolved, even in these days of DNA profiling. A lot of the time the police just don’t have any hard evidence and it all comes down to arguing their case in court. Can I just mention Barry George? I’ll stop now. Probably upsetting some police employees. Crimes are solved through the police employees putting in the hours, taking down the facts, and general hard work. But that doesn’t sell books, does it?


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