After a long hiatus, I’ve returned to the world of Kindle books. Well, in reality I haven’t been away, as my books have still been selling on Amazon Kindle. But, I have been lacking when it comes to marketing and general chit chat and blogging.

I’m afraid my new life as a married man and expectant father, has made Kindle life quite a strain: and the baby isn’t even here yet! But, I have managed to get back into the dirty task of editing. Around my small office space lie the rotting remains of my abandoned sentences. And from this literary cull, comes my latest book titled UGLY THINGS, a dark black comedy that deals with vanity, fame and the crazy world of modern art.
Hot on the heels of UGLY THINGS, will be my next thriller which is set in the same police station as Murderson and features some of the same characters, as well as a few new ones. The title and details of my new crime thriller will be published on this blog very soon.
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