When I first begun my journey into the world of self-publishing I was full of hope and desire, ready for the world of readers out there to rush out and download my books. I suppose it was very much similar to my optimism when I first began sending off my first manuscripts to publishers and agents alike, always with a great amount of hope and naivety bubbling away in my heart.
What a fool I was, but I soon realised that the mainstream publishing houses were never going to open their doors to me. I was not famous, even though I share a surname with a famous impressionist (if you don’t know who I’m referring to, then you are incredibly young), and am actually related to Terry Venables. No, I had nothing to offer the publishers apart from my probably mediocre writing. I must add that by this point I had written several novels; I have scribed roughly twenty eight books so far. Surely I must be getting better? I like to think so.
Even J.K Rowling has her doubts. She even went to great lengths to prove her writing abilities a little while ago by going through the whole publishing whirlpool once again under another name. Yeah, right, of course she submitted her manuscript to several different publishers and sat back and waited for the rejection letters. Didn’t she? No?
OK, I’m going to stop my rant there and carry on with my sad story.
So, I entered the world of self-publishing by uploading my work to Kindle. On my journey I have made every mistake possible and I shall make many more, but I shall never give up. I even have my first paperback out now, just for those readers that don’t have a Kindle device.
I am now slowly finding an audience for my series of Edmonton Police Station thrillers, the 4th of which is on its way. The book will introduce a new character in the form of a deeply disturbed police detective with a very violent and sad past. I promise my readers that the book will be a roller coaster ride of mystery, tension, violent death and lots of twists and shocks.
THE AMOUNT OF EVIL coming soon. Get the 3rd book in the series at a cheap price now: LAST ALIVE

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