20140606-125453-46493778.jpgWelcome back to the harsh and mean streets of North London.

Welcome back to the incident room of Edmonton Police Station, the place they call the fortress. The place is unforgiving, full to the brim with death and despair. The detectives come and go, few ever stay for long. Bad things happen in THE AMOUNT OF EVIL, the 4th instalment of the EDMONTON POLICE STATION crime series. DCI Jairus is one of the few detectives that never wants to leave, never seems to want to go back to his lonely flat. Like many coppers, he lives for the job -is the job. But that nearly ends when he kills a suspect in self-defence.

After a long break, Jairus returns to work to find himself leading the investigation into the brutal tortures and murders of several influential businessmen. Each victim is drugged, cut to pieces while alive, then beheaded. Their heads are stuck on a pole as a warning to someone, somewhere. The message is clear: You’re next.

The police soon learn that the murders are being committed by a sadistic psychopath and an obsessed and deranged ex-con, the latter with revenge at his heart. DCI Jairus has other things on his mind, other ghosts haunting his waking hours. The guilt he feels after killing the suspect, Carl Murphy, is crushing him, twisting his mind. And there’s a secret he keeps secured in his lock-up. And it’s a secret he can’t risk allowing anyone to find out about.

The 4th book in the crime series is a far departure from the first three books. With a new, darker lead character, the book takes the reader into an even more brutal and psychologically unbalanced world. Ex-detective Terence Marsland returns too, still recovering from the horrific events of LAST ALIVE. But he’s back and investigating the disappearance of three young blonde girls. He thinks it’s a simple case to look into, but soon finds that once again he’s bitten off much more than he can chew.

The troubled DCI Jairus finds himself drawn into a world of satanic rituals, secret societies, and deadly revenge. But as Jairus investigates, his gut tells him that someone else is orchestrating the murders…

If you’ve enjoyed the previous three books in Mark Yarwood’s crime series, then you’ll soak up THE AMOUNT OF EVIL.

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