Manky, Angry Cat!

Charles Bukowski

Today, Tony told me that my cover for Murderson should be ready tomorrow, and from what he’s told me, sounds like it should be good. So, nearly there, and after a few more read throughs of the manuscript, I’m hoping that it reads ok. I did the read through on Sunday, with my girlfriend looking over my shoulder, although she was nearly blind, which was caused by being near a manky cat most of the weekend. She’s a lot better now.My girlfriend is not only allergic to cats, but they also seem to dislike her. Every cat she’s ever met has caused her an injury in some way. One particular, and supposedly friendly, cat launched itself through the air and landed with force into her stomach!

Yesterday, was my turn to be looked after, as I went and gave platelets at Derriford Hospital. I recommend it if you can give platelets, as it helps many different people, including cancer sufferers.

It takes an hour, so I sat and read Charles Bukowski’s Post Office. His writing intrigues me, mostly because I was told a while ago that my writing is similar to his. I’ve taken it as a compliment. It’s funny too, because of the industry he found himself in and which is written about in Post Office, which is the same industry I now find myself working in.

At the moment I’m beginning to edit Spider Mouth, so I can get it on Kindle as soon as possible. Don’t want to rush it though. I have quite a back catalogue to work on, even though some of it might not be suitable for Kindle. I have a 685 pages Victorian London set novel that I’m not sure whether to risk putting on kindle; for one thing, it needs a lot of pruning to get in down in size. Will anyone read such a massive book on a Kindle? I can only hope.

Anyway, fingers crossed for Murderson tomorrow!

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